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Another vote for decluttering, decluttering, declittering, painting walls, under cabinet lighting and something to lighten floors. Those floors are way too dark against the cabinets and make the kitchen dreary. Some nice rugs, one idea.

Those things alone will make a huge difference. The cupboards are not honey oak; they are a nice colour of wood. I would only invest the blood, sweat and tears in painting them if I owned them. Yours are not in dire need of it. The kitchen will look nice with other changes.

Ideas for Refreshing a Rental Kitchen on a Budget? Good Questions
2/14/14 01:35 PM

Best apartment therapy headline if it were true.

Before & After: Condemned Meth House Gets Majorly Modernized
2/12/14 06:13 AM

Absolutely amazing reno! Beautiful!

Would really love more info -- a budget breakdown, the state of the mould, and exactly how you dealt with it, and what (safety) measures you took. Would be really helpful. We will have to deal with a certain amount of mould ourselves.

Another longer article, please!

Before & After: Condemned Meth House Gets Majorly Modernized
2/11/14 04:39 PM

I have a terrible fear of overpaying for things and thinking I've made a terrible mistake (I've just bought a house so that fear may be a bit pronounced at the moment!) If it were me, I would have been scared that i had paid too much for these pieces. But it turned out beautifully. You would have to pay far more than that to get such lovely ones. Good eye and super job!

Before & After: Jim's \"Diamond in the Rough\" Nightstands
2/4/14 05:05 PM

I like its warm, idiosyncratic verve. Did I miss any note of the square footage?

Laura Lee’s Bright & Playful Basement Studio House Tour
1/31/14 11:46 AM

I've been pretty warm in the condo. My boyfriend keeps the thermostat at 24. I just did the conversion and it turns out that's 75 F! No wonder I'm warm! Time to start lowering the thermostat... gradually so it won't be too much of a shock to him. :)

Trying To Cut Down On Heating Costs?
Go Gradually

11/16/13 02:47 AM