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I've worked mostly from home since 2006. I started off in straight out pajamas, right out of bed. I then transitioned to pajama-like clothes (i.e.comfy t-shirt or sweater and jogging pants/shorts) because I was a stay-at-home dad too. I had to get up constantly to change diapers or feed the baby, and at times, run out with the baby in the Baby Bjourn to get what? You guessed it, baby supplies. But now that the kids are all grown up and in school, the clothes I wear range from pajama-like to business casual. Pajama-like when I know I'm staying home. Business casual when I feel a need to just get out and work in a different environment, like a cafe. It depends on my mood when I wake up.

Does What You Wear Matter When You Work From Home?
11/15/13 02:54 PM