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In some cases making smaller portions may be helpful. It's not exactly the answer you were looking for, but a mini muffin pan has been great for me this fall. I made my go-to olive oil pumpkin bread recipe, didn't have to worry about changing proportions, and was able to share with a lot of people.

Can You Recommend Any Recipes for Healthier Baked Goods? Good Questions
11/22/13 12:26 PM

The breakfast in the photo is perfect. I like eating fried eggs yolk side down though, so it oozes into the bread.

What Is Your Ideal Thanksgiving Day Breakfast? Good Questions
11/20/13 09:57 AM

I agree with the point RLS111 made, you need a lease that guarantees you'll be staying there for a few years (or however long you think is worth your costs) without raising the rent. The cynic in me worries a shady landlord will give you the boot at the end of your current lease and raise the rent based on the new appliances.

Can I Ask My Landlord to Go 50/50 on New Appliances? Good Questions
8/29/12 12:27 PM

@jillrobin same

Win a 7-Quart KitchenAid Professional Strength Stand Mixer!
Holiday Giveaway 2011

12/8/11 01:03 PM

I love the way these look, but would they attract bugs? More specifically, is this a bad idea in a small NYC apartment?

Holiday Decorations from The Kitchen: Dried Orange Slices
12/6/11 12:19 PM

No one's going to mention Sweeney Todd?

Like Water for Chocolate is great.

Weekend Hibernation: What's Your Favorite Food Film?
11/11/11 01:02 PM

Cooking for myself now I definitely appreciate the effort my mom put into my lunches, even though I always had to explain them. My friends were just curious about my food, no one had seen things like dried papaya (no sugar added) and affectionately renamed it "shoe leather," tabouleh (tabouli), or lahmajun which they called "Armenian pizza" because it was round and you could fold it like pizza. The days I had a tuna sandwich, one of my favorites, they put up with me and the smell.

Lunchbox Memories: What Did Your Parents Pack for You?
4/11/11 03:55 PM

#2 just made me so nostalgic, immediately thought of Bedknobs and Broomsticks! That bed with the glowing knob was so cool.

Metal Bed Frames We'd Love To Own
2/18/11 11:19 AM

Thanks for this question, Roh, I can use the advice too.

Portable, Filling, Cheap and Nutritious Breakfast Ideas? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/7/10 10:06 AM

I agree with the pasta suggestion, it's also great with shrimp instead of chicken. My favorite snack is warm toast with feta spread on top and a few kalamata olives.

What's the Best Way to Use Good Feta Cheese? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/1/10 10:57 AM

This really is great timing, I've been experimenting with these the last few weeks. I love using different spices like red pepper flakes or curry powder. Thanks for the cold water tip!

Looking Good: Baked Sweet Potato Fries | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/27/10 09:19 AM

These look amazing so I attempted them last night...and failed. Even with parchment paper they spread all over the place and once out of the oven flattened like crackers. Any suggestions? I'm not giving up on this cookie!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | The Best Chewy Chocolate Cookies Ever ( Low-Fat Too) Recipe Reviews
10/29/09 02:08 PM