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one more thing - the drop cloths are great. I have them as draperies and slipcovers and a shower curtain. however if you don't want to many seams they might not be a great choice. the drop cloths are pieced together and have some seams throughout. I happen to like the random seams and think they look almost industrial, if that makes sense. just something you should be aware of because they come packaged and you won't know how they look until you pull them out.

Can Someone Give Me The Lowdown on Slipcovers? Good Questions
4/6/12 10:27 AM

I used to make slipcovers for a living. canvas is a great choice. it actually gets better the more you wash it. be sure and per wash it a couple of times before it is sewn to preshrunk and soften it. I have ordered canvas from Chicago Canvas. their prices are great! they have many weights and come in varying widths - up to hugely wide as they sell canvas for theater backdrops. they will send you a sample. I haven't bought from them in a few years but am certain they are still around and probably have a website. if you decide to go with a linen, Grayline in new york is a great company - also on the internet.

Can Someone Give Me The Lowdown on Slipcovers? Good Questions
4/6/12 10:22 AM

i'm a decorative painter. I specialize in furniture. I agree that silver leaf would work and it's actually pretty fun to do. most craft stores sell the supplies you would need. I have also used krylon brand spraypaint in satin nickel and then topcoat with a minwax gel stain- I use antique oak. either finish would need a protective topcoat. wax is great, but a wipe on poly would work as well.

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7/8/11 01:32 PM

my little boy wanted a truck party when he was two. my favorite thing i created for the party was the cake. i bought an inexpensive and relatively large plastic dump truck at target. i made two chocolate cakes (chocolate sheet cakes to be exact) - then crumbled them up and poured the warm frosting on top. i served the cake with shovels. there is probably all kinds of things to add to the cake to make it more garbage-like - gummy worms, oreos, nuts, colored frosting, etc.

Ideas for a Garbage Truck Themed Party?Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/13/10 01:34 PM

i have coated items with lead paint with a couple of coats of wax, like briwax or mylands. i think the peel-y chipping parts are the real danger to kids ( i have two children myself). the wax seals it up and gives it a nice sheen. warning - if you're pregnant don't apply the wax yourself - get a friend or your partner to do it for you.
be sure and research lead yourself before you make the decision to keep the cart in your home.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Lead Paint on My Vintage Bar Cart! Good Questions
11/3/09 08:53 PM

new hardware, lighting, fixtures and rug are great suggestions and make a bigger difference than you'd think.
when my husband and i moved into our house we had similar issues - wood floor throughout and dated tile in the kitchen. we pulled up the tile and exposed the concrete floor underneath and clear-coated it - labor intensive but worth it. i guess it goes without saying that this only works with a slab foundation. about a year later we painted our cabinets - top white and bottom a color. baby steps.

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10/29/09 09:33 AM