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I love chard on pizza. Sautee it in olive oil and a lot of garlic and red pepper flakes, add a little cream, and then put it on the pizza (I use good quality, frozen, cheese pizzas) before baking. It's tasty.

I also really like chard in minestrone. It's wasteful, but my husband hates the stems, so we don't use them. It does make the chard much more mild without them - you might try that.

This Week's Colorful CSA Box: Eggplants, Carrots and Yellow Tomatoes Keeping Up With My CSA Box: Week 7
7/30/14 10:03 AM

The knife is the knight! This is how I learned, too. Though, I prefer to imagine the knife is the Queen and the spoon is someone else. Maybe by the time I have a kid, I'll come up with something. :)

How To Set The Table Properly
7/23/14 09:55 AM

I make something similar (in the oven), but I slice them in half lengthwise first. The insides dry out and the okra gets very crispy. Even my okra-hating husband likes them. I'll have to try them on the grill!

Recipe: Grilled Okra with Spicy Chipotle Dipping Sauce Recipes from The Kitchn
7/1/14 10:21 AM

As someone who gets way too caught in theme, I like seeing guacamole and French cheese on the same table. Reminds me to relax a bit. Good food is good even if they're from different corners of the world.

How the French Make the Best No-Cook Summer Meals The Kitchn Abroad
6/23/14 03:43 PM

Fat + veggies + tomatoes + pasta + cheese = delicious dinner.

This could mean bacon, swiss chard, cherry tomatoes, penne, and pecorino OR sausage, summer squash, canned diced tomatoes, fusilli, and mozzarella OR butter, radishes and tops, fresh diced tomato, spaghetti, and goat cheese. I love this because I can always make something different, tasty, and healthy no matter what's in season and in my fridge without searching for a new recipe.

What Was Your Game-Changer of a Cooking Discovery? Reader Intelligence Request
6/23/14 11:13 AM

I never really thought of making pancakes as frying... Maybe I'm not using enough butter!

I think the best trick is to be patient and let the pancakes cook almost all the way (or at least halfway) through before flipping. This means using a lower temp so they don't burn.

What's The Best Way to Flip Pancakes? Good Questions
6/12/14 03:41 PM

First, I'd get an electric kettle. That's how we used to cook pasta in the college dorm rooms. Then you could make a big batch of sauce at home and freeze it in small jars to take with you.

Same for soups, which you can load up with veggies - make a big batch at home and freeze in single serving jars. I've also had decent results with freezing roasted veggies, pot roasts, grilled chicken breasts, etc. Even when these things thaw in your fridge, they will be good for a few days.

Use the days later in the week to explore the local restaurants - I'd get so bored being stuck in a hotel room for that long. Don't be too hard on yourself if you want to get out and socialize a bit!

Best Tips for Cooking in a Hotel Room? Good Questions
6/11/14 09:43 AM

I think there are more than enough resources to calculate nutritional info - I'd prefer the writers spend more time coming up with great recipes than calculating that for me.

However, I do very much enjoy posts about recipes for healthful ingredients. I'd love to see more of them, without the decadent recipes disappearing. Occasional discussion of new health studies might be interesting, as well.

What I definitely do not want to see are posts about weight loss. Please, please, please no before and after pictures. These are our brothers and sisters, not run down kitchens. I find even if they're done with good intentions, they often turn normal people into freak shows and automatically assume that thinner is always better.

How Much Do You Want to Talk About Diet and Health at The Kitchn?
6/6/14 02:34 PM

I am equally disturbed by and really wanting one of these...

A New Keurig-Like Machine Makes Homemade Tortillas Food News
6/4/14 03:26 PM

I'd love a run down of Asian sauces/flavoring liquids. I live in an area with a high Asian concentration and several impressive Asian grocery stores, so I have a lot of bottles in my fridge. Even after tasting/using them all, it's hard to keep everything straight. Sometimes I'll follow a stir-fry recipe exactly and want to tweak it, but I can't because I don't really understand how the ingredients effect the end product. This makes it especially hard to just throw dinner together - which is my preferred way to cook.

Reader Request Week Is Coming! Tell Us What You Want to Read Reader Request Week 2014
6/2/14 11:28 AM

We started buying that Black Box Sauv Blanc recently, too. It's really decent. I also like to use it for spritzers with seltzer, a splash of Campari, and an orange slice - nice for when you want a summery drink but not a strong one.

Why I Always Have a Box of Wine in My Refrigerator
5/22/14 11:41 AM

Do you still boil them? I've always boiled my pretzels in water with the baking soda mixed in. So do you dip them in the baked baking soda solution after you boil in plain water?

Expert Bagel Maker Confirms: You Don't Need Lye To Make a Good Bagel Maker Tour
5/8/14 11:08 AM

Just make sure you get dinner plates that fit in normal cabinets (assuming you have them). I love our Pottery Barn dishes, and they're super durable, but the dinner plates are exactly 12" diameter. Most upper cabinets seem to be 12 inches deep, but that's from the front to the wall, not the inside of the cabinet space. Probably more of a hassle than necessary...

On Buying a New Set of Dishes: What Do You Recommend? Reader Intelligence Request
4/28/14 02:16 PM

In my family, deviled eggs always have relish. I didn't realize that wasn't the norm!

How To Make Deviled Eggs Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/16/14 10:48 AM

About a year after getting it as a wedding gift, I realized my stick blender came with a mini food processor attachment. It does come in handy!

When we moved into our new house with double ovens, we donated our well loved toaster oven. We thought we couldn't possibly need three ovens, but I miss it for small things like cheese toast or hot dips. It heats up so quickly and doesn't turn the kitchen into a sauna. I may have to buy another one before summer hits...

Why I Consider My Mini Food Processor to Be Indispensable Kitchen Diary: Anne in South Carolina
4/14/14 12:45 PM

Brooklynnina - I think I read somewhere (I know, I know) that strawberry plants don't really produce fruit until the second year, so if you saved the plant you might be in luck this year.

When to Plant for a Continual Harvest: A Few Tips Gardening Lessons from The Kitchn
4/9/14 01:16 PM

You could use it in a soup and then freeze the extra soup. The texture won't be perfect, but that doesn't bother me as much in soups.

I Bought Too Much Baby Bok Choy! Can I Freeze It? Good Questions
3/17/14 05:25 PM

I hear ya... My sugar cravings have gotten out of control, so I'm about to do a sugar detox. I did one about 6 months ago, and it was the worst 3 days ever. But afterwards felt great! (I hear taking a Vitamin B complex helps with the withdrawals, so I'm trying that this time.)

But back to the sweets question, I've found that you can pretty easily cut the sugar in most recipes by a third or even half without missing it. Also, when you make things like oatmeal cookies, you can throw in grated and drained zucchini for extra fiber (which can help you metabolize the sugar). So maybe having a small piece of cake wouldn't so bad if you made it yourself.

Cure My Cooking Problem! I Really Want Something Sweet After Lunch The Cooking Cure Spring 2014
3/14/14 09:44 AM

DanielleC & Christirei - Thanks for the responses! I assumed almond flour would be a no-go, so I appreciate the confirmation and suggestions!

Recipe: Grain-Free Lemon & Blueberry Scones Recipes from The Kitchn
3/6/14 09:52 AM

These sound delicious.

Question, though. I don't digest almonds well... Does anyone know if almond flour is easier to digest than whole almonds? Does ginding them so finely makes a difference?

Recipe: Grain-Free Lemon & Blueberry Scones Recipes from The Kitchn
3/5/14 01:18 PM