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What a great look... loads of pizzazz!

Before & After: From Castoff to Charming
3/31/14 02:35 PM

Unless you're purchasing new furniture and art, you already know what palette works with your stuff. I would clean and paint before moving in without the clutter of stuff slowing the process... then if you want to change it later... like add a focal point with colors, it's already clean.

The One Thing Almost Everyone Gets Wrong When Moving Into a New Home
3/29/14 03:14 PM

What a great space! ...with a good bicycle storage solution. Other then the old, antique-y stuff, this could be my place...

Rachel & Brian's Spacious Place House Tour
3/24/14 10:18 PM

What an adorable couple!

Erin and Nathan's Boho Backyard Dream Office in a Yurt House Tour
3/24/14 10:10 PM

Lovely rooms... but not for minimalist me. I need open space. I'd rather have room to do yoga and dance than have a coffee table.

When a Room Feels \"Off\": 4 Possible Culprits and How to Fix Them
3/24/14 10:08 PM

Everything is wonderful! And fun! And brings that room to life! However, I would have stayed with the natural wood floor and added a fun area rug.

Before & After: Bari's Bathroom Gets a Bold Makeover
3/10/14 01:26 AM

Bravo! It's as if it was meant to be in that nook... that color... so perfect.

Before & After: Nicole's Jewelry Box Inspired Dresser Makeover
3/9/14 08:11 PM

More info needed to do a good lighting analysis...
The windows;
- what direction do they face?
- is privacy an issue with them?

- Open the blinds - put sheers over them if privacy is an issue.
- Place mirrors on the wall that reflects natural light.
- Use up-lighting around the room except for areas where you need to see details - place lamps near desk and sofa for reading, etc.
Use reflective wall coverings and art objects - metals, mirrors, etc.

How To Lighten Dim Apartment? Good Questions
3/2/14 04:27 PM

Great ideas! Years ago I had a rental beige kitchen - beige countertops, beige linoleum - so I painted the ceiling a bright lime green and no one ever again noticed how beige that kitchen was.

Does Your Home Lack Architectural Details? 8 Ways to Fake It
3/2/14 03:51 PM

I'm a minimalist... so like the clean, uncluttered styles, but with lots of color.

Style Selector: Which IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Doors Are Best for Your Design Style?
1/27/14 02:05 PM

Truly transformational!

Before & After: Shaun's Lovely Living Room
11/20/13 03:23 PM

What a brave soul you are! Stripes are so unforgiving... yet you pulled it off beautifully.

Before & After: This Sofa Goes Ticky Ticky Boom!
11/20/13 03:03 PM

Wow! That's a lot of beautiful work!

Before & After: This Blah Balcony Goes Bold
11/20/13 03:01 PM

Nice neutral palette, great organization and details... and nice pieces, however, the living room lacks a focal point. Its as if three walls are competing for focal point and none are winning. A minor rearrangement would solve that. Also, the curtains are placed too high... which is especially noticeable in the dining area where the rods would be best if they followed the along the same height as the kitchen cabinets.
One other thing that many designers would disagree with... is, do not place heavy, glass, mirror or metal over your bed. Anything that could fall and harm you in your sleep or during an earthquake is negative energy.

Suzannah & Jason's Did-it-Themselves Townhome House Tour
11/17/13 11:40 AM

excellent transformation!

Before & After: Sad Thrift Store TV Cart Turned Pretty Bedside Table
Belle Maison

11/17/13 11:13 AM

Nicely done... though my granddaughters would have loved the Before.

Before and After: Sol's Bench Redo
11/14/13 12:27 PM

A nice improvement, but I would beef up the top of the mantel, make it thicker and longer,extending another piece of painted wood from wall corner to corner. Add moulding around the edge to enhance the classic look of the fireplace. It could be built to be placed on top without permanently affixing it.

Before/After: Mantel Redo
11/14/13 12:21 PM