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Wow! You guys are sure opinioned about your animal skins. It's really okay. I knew going into this tour that some people wouldn't be fans. The skins, skulls, and rugs were all gifts and will continue to be apart of our family.

My Dad is a huge conservationist. I've written more about him and other things (including shots of our boring bathrooms- sans alligators) on our family blog:

A goal of our home is make people feel welcome. So kick off your shoes and pour a glass of wine (or water or whatever floats your boat.) Beware of Tulip and Lizzy, they will bug you for attention.

Audrey's Family Collection House Tour
11/14/13 01:07 PM

Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments and the love and even the not-so-nice comments.

Yes, my Dad is an avid bow-hunter and every pelt, skull, or rug came from his own collection that he has personally hunted. He's a hunter and I am okay with using the gifts he has given us, despite not everyone liking them. Yes, some of the rugs are small (for example the wildebeest under the kitchen table) but we don't have room on the walls to hang them either.

Our home goal is to always make people feel comfortable. Bring a beer (or wine or water)and come hang out, all are welcome.

I've written more at my (semi-neglected) personal blog, including lots more pictures of our place:

Thanks again!

Audrey's Family Collection House Tour
11/13/13 08:45 PM