Changes Happening on Apartment Therapy Sites

The Apartment Therapy sites are currently going through major technological changes underneath the hood. As we launch changes on the website, we'll be posting all the details here. For any other questions not covered, email

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Logging in

The log-in form for all five Apartment Therapy sites is on the My Account page, which you can find on the top-right tab. Because there are so many different types of accounts to remember on the Internet, we have changed it so you now log in with something easier to remember--your email address. If you don't remember the email address with which you registered your account, go to the Forgot Email form, and we'll send an email to the correct address. If you're still experiencing troubles, please email with your username.

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Display names

Display names are the names shown next to comments and on user profiles. By default, your display name is the screen name you've already set up. If you want to change your display name, log into your account, go to "My Profile," and click on "Edit My Profile" in the gray box. In the "Display name" field, you can type in your new display name, using alphanumeric characters, spaces, and punctuation. You may not have the same display name as another user. We encourage our users to use their real names in our community to foster credible, trustworthy relationships among users.