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This year, the Small Cool winner and National Division finalists will get to choose their own prizes.  As part of your entry, we'd like you to share with us all what you plan to spend the prize money on if you win to make your home even MORE beautiful, organized and healthy! 

Frequently Asked Questions

When are submissions due for 2013 Small Cool Contest?

All entries are due by 5/20/13 by18:00:00 EST.

When are entries posted on Apartment Therapy?

Selected entries will be posted beginning 5/6.

I received confirmation that you received my entry, why wasn't my entry posted?

Our system does not automatically post entries as they are submitted. Our team selects the best entries to post. Not all submissions may be posted due to space limitations and it is up to Apartment Therapy to post the strongest submissions.

How are finalists/winners chosen?

National division finalists and the International favorite are chosen through a reader favoriting process followed by a Judges Panel vote and then a final reader vote will determine the National grand prize winner.

My home was previously featured on Apartment Therapy — am I still eligible to enter the 2013 Small Cool Contest?

Yes, readers previously shared their homes with the community are eligible.

I am getting the 'Too many users at this IP have voted for/favorited this' error message when I try to vote. I am voting from a shared computer network (e.g., a workplace or school) - what can I do to make sure my vote is recorded?

We limit the number of votes that are recorded from a single IP address to prevent attempts at voting multiple times by a single person, which is disallowed by our rules, against the spirit of the contest and, unfortunately, common. It is difficult for us to verify the rare case where many votes from the same IP address are legitimate. To ensure your vote gets counted, we recommend you sign in from a computer on a different network (for example, at home) to vote.

Still have questions?

If you need help or have more questions, please email

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